Piece of the Pie

I hope everyone’s enjoying the drawings.  Nice to see that there’s been a lot more new visitors just in the past day.  Up until now I’ve been posting a new drawing every day.  I’ve been mixing some new ones I’ve drawn in with older ones from my website.  I’m at the place now where I don’t want to post too many more older drawings, which means I’ll probably start posting new drawings every other day or so.  Keep checking back.  And the best way to see a new drawing the day it’s posted is by subscribing through the orange “RSS” feed button you see in the upper right-hand corner of this screen: .  Just click on the button and then click the link on the following screen that says “subscribe to this blog”, give them a valid email address and voila!  Also, check out my del.icio.us links and let me know of any good websites — especially cartoon ones, but also blogs and anything else — that you recommend.  And be sure to share this blog with your friends and encourage them to subscribe, too!  

Also, I’m doing this informal thing where if you have any advice, questions about the universe (even favorite quotes), etc. you’d like to ask of any of the characters in the comic, they’ll answer back with some snark-filled advice (or if you submit a favorite quote, I’ll somehow work the comic around the premise of the quote).  Sort of like Dr. Phil meets Lewis Black, if Lewis Black were a little talking spider.  If you want I can credit you for your question/quote — just include your first name and where you’re writing from.  Or don’t; you can stay anonymous if you want.  Anyway, I’d like for this blog to be more interactive.  So go ahead and leave me a comment.  And remember to share the toons with your friends.  Later! 


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