Mission Almost Accomplished

I’m taking bets: when does everyone think the mission will be accomplished?


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    James Moroe said,

    McCain does not have any strategy for Iraq except for Bush’s wait & see policy in Iraq.

    Even if we agree with McCain’s explaination of the 100 years presence in Iraq if the Soldiers are not been killed or injuired. That is troublesome, because that means right now our military are been killed on a weekly bases in Iraq and McCain wants them to be there and also advocates a troupe surge and according to him, if they stop killing the military, we are going to be in Iraq for another 100 years.

    So, however you slice it “war or peace in Iraq”, according to McCain we are going to still be in Iraq for 100 years and keep borrowing & spending $1 billion dollars each month from China & the Saudis while the economy at home suffers and Judge Bush denials relief to the suffering home owners who are lossing their homes.

    This country is full of hypocrites, we are begging Myanmar’s rulers to accept aids from us while we turn blind eyes to the plights of hurrican Katrina victims. I am not advocating that we should not help others, that is the right thing to do, but jes!, the social gospel is ‘Love your neighbor as yourself” and not “love your neighbor more than yourself”. I do not know a single responsible parent in this great country who will allow his children to go hungry but still have the courage to feed the hungry children of his next door neighbor all in the name of “brotherly love”

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    spinachflame said,

    Interesting what you say about “love your neighbor as yourself” and not “more than yourself”.

  3. 3

    Jen said,

    Oh, I thought this represented Obama not being able to accomplish his mission, I guess the party establishment need do a little more to rig it for him.

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