Crab Fishin’

I’ve been watching the show “Deadliest Catch” on Discovery and I think I’ve seen 25 episodes in the last three days.  Total marathon.  It’s a great show, definitely watch it.

So on my flight home the other day for the long weekend there was this airline attendent who looked vaguely familiar to me.  I knew I’d never met the guy, but something about him was familiar.  So I’m getting all strapped into my seat and I look up and I realize — holy crap, the guy looks exactly like Clark Kent!  The Christopher Reeve version, which to me is the best.  He was all broad-shouldered and slim-waisted and square-jawed and wore these thick-rimmed glasses just like Kent.  He even had the little gelled curly-cue bangs thing going on.  He was just older, maybe in his mid-fifties.  So he gets on the radio, like flight attendants do, and ran through the instructions — the exit hatches are there, the emergency lighting is there, etc. and then at the end, I swear to God, he goes, “And if you need anything, my name is Clark.”  I’m serious.  I had to double-check with the lady sitting next to me, and she confirmed it.  I then mentioned how I thought he looked just like Clark Kent when the guy behind me said he heard the guy was Reeve’s cousin.  But what was the most shocking of all was he had this little effeminite voice.  This big guy who I expected any minute to rip off his tight suit to reveal a shining “S” on his chest had this dinky voice.  And he tried so hard to seem small but his barrel shoulders kept knocking into everyone’s seat on the little puddle jumper as he delivered drinks and pretzels.  Anyway, I felt better knowing that if the plane started to go down, Superman had our backs.



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  1. 1

    Great Story!

    My older brother grew up a Superman Clark Kent fan…. but I will make sure never to piss off the ship title stenciler…lol

  2. 2

    spinachflame said,

    I know, for someone who grew up a huge fan of Superman, it was fun for me.

  3. 3

    Deadliest Catch is SOOOO good. I had never seen it before and like you caught a whole string of episodes on a marathon one weekend. Great riveting stuff. Makes me feel bad about how much I love to eat crab though – poor crabs.

    As for the Clark/Flight Attendant story – that is AWESOME. You have to find a way to draw that one maybe. It’s too good!

  4. 4

    spinachflame said,

    Yeah, I think there might be a Clark Kent/flight attendant cartoon in our near future. Good call.

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