Four Panels and a Question

It’s a fair question.  How will we welcome our troops home?  I hope they’re treated well because they didn’t ask for all of this.  Will they come home and fade into our subconscious?  In our collective attempt to forget this war will we forget them too?  I’m not some outlandish patriot, I’ve just been wondering about that.  What do you all think? 


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    aerodynamo said,

    Wish war was as easy as throwing spitballs. Love this comic and glad to see you’re including some special effects!

  2. 2

    I think we’ll welcome them home as we always have – with open arms.

    Even with the controversy of Vietnam (arguably the most openly anti-war sentiment was for that war – though we’re beginning to rival it these days), I think the vast majority of the people who protested the war, always understood that the soldiers were not the ones responsible for our presence in other countries…I think that’s what so horrible about it. These soldiers don’t have a choice. They’re doing their jobs, but the people in charge of them are often far more irresponsible than even the youngest of soldiers, thrown into situations they sometimes don’t even understand.

    I think there has always been a pretty clear distinction that the soldiers are our children, parents, brothers, sisters, etc. and that they need our support, I think it may jus be hard for soldiers to come back into the states, to a political climate that is different than the one they left. And after all their work and the danger they have been in, it would be easy to be resentful of people protesting the very thing they’ve been risking their lives for, but they need to try to understand that it is not (and really never has been) a comment on what THEY are doing/have done, rather the people’s issue with what what our corrupt governement is forcing them to do.

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    aiza said,

    it’s great to see more bloggers who incorporate cartoons into their posts! i like the spitball effect you have going on.

    As far as answering your questions, I think hugs from loved ones would be a good start.

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