Tough Man Competition

One time while on summer break from college, after my shift as a busboy ended at a local restaurant, I remember watching some crazy show on ESPN called “The World’s Strongest Man”.  These super buff men from all over the world competed in these strange events to see who was strongest.  One of the events involved these behemoths lugging containers full of lead weights a certain distance, and whoever schlept them fastest won.  One dude, unfortunately, broke his leg halfway through it.  Compound fracture, bone right through the skin.  It was one of the most traumatic things I’ve ever seen because when the poor guy’s leg snapped, he got pinned inside the contraption he was using to carry the weights.  All of these people rushed over to help, struggling to pull the weights off of him.  I wanted to turn away but could not.

It was a moment when I realized how random and strange life is.  These men trained all year long so that, when the competition rolled around, they could pull airplanes with their teeth and toss huge logs as far as they could.  What better illustration of the power of faith?  These guys BELIEVED that what they were doing mattered, was a point of national pride if they could somehow best the others.  To me, that kind of faith is just as strong and powerful and life-affirming as observing a religion.  So I guess that’s what inspired this drawing. 


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  1. 1

    Amanda said,

    I like your cartoons. What I like most is that you put thought behind then and then explain the thoughts to us. It’s pretty interesting.

  2. 2

    spinachflame said,

    Thanks, Amanda. I will probably keep publishing in this format.

  3. 3

    Alex said,

    This stuff is funny. Weird, but funny. Glad I ran across it.

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