Caption Contest 2

All right kids, here’s another caption contest.  I couldn’t think of a caption for this bad boy, so send me any ideas you have.  Brian and Flip are supposed to be admiring the statue of the person/demon/whatever who founded their parallel world.  But whatever, you can make up whatever you want.

And can I say a word about anonymous drive-by crap-slinging commenters?  I’d really prefer to keep the content on my blog positive and up-beat, so if you’ve got anything rude to say about my drawings, keep it to yourself.  If you want to disagree with a point I’m making in my blog post fine, do it in an intelligent way.  Does anyone else get annoyed by these people who say faux-bold things but keep their names anonymous?  Anyway, go for it and give me some good captions!    


8 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    thefullbug said,

    Seattle, 1968: “See the form, lil’ Billy Gates? You can be anything you want to be one day!”

  2. 2

    aiza said,

    “wow, Brian look how small it is!”

  3. 3

    Mike Chapman said,

    Great blog. Great art. Let’s see…

    “Oooh, nooo. What will the Scalians of Earth Court say when they see this?”

  4. 4

    spinachflame said,

    Thanks, Mike. Everyone go to Mike’s blog, it’s cool. And I like the captions submitted so far!

  5. 5

    Srinidhi said,

    Blind Adulation…

  6. 7

    spinachflame said,

    Thanks, EGB. I got some good responses on this one.

  7. 8

    Merlin said,

    He found the world and never sat after that…

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