Beet Root Demon

All right, here’s a new picture. What is a beet root anyway? I think someone said the words in my viscinity the other day and the name just stuck. Also, I’ve been watching this super lame show on Discovery called “A Haunting” about these people who all seem to be likely either making these stories up or having some kind of crack flashbacks, because the hauntings they’ve experienced are so cliched and also the recreations are very poorly acted.  But for some reason I watched a marathon of them the other day. I guess this comes from that, too.

Update: my friend Kyle from the Writer’s Center Blog  — which is a terrific blog — has posted a couple of my drawings for a caption contest he’s running over there.  Check out his blog and the Writer’s Center website to see if you’d like to take any writing classes — the WC is located in Bethesda, Maryland and the classes are very much worth the money.


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    kalafudra said,

    Oh, TV marathons… they really can destroy your brains 🙂


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