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Wow, so this bailout’s a full-fledged “failout”.  Can’t wait to see the first presidential debate. 


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Shoebox Screamin’

I feel like sometimes when I write these posts I’m screaming into an empty shoebox.  Does anyone else feel that way?  Is there anybody out there (insert echo effect)?

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Vortex Cortex

So this is what it’s like to be a writer, in case you were wondering.  Unbelievable self-doubt.  Days where you feel like you’re just aping other greater writers.  Days where you wonder to yourself, “Should I have gone to law school to help poor people?”  Now with internet publishing there are something like 400,000 new books published every year.  Just imagine that.  You have to have the ego of a drunk tyrannasaurus rex on steroids to make it.  I’m assuming. 

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The Democratic Ticket

Ok, so I meant to post this drawing a long time ago.  It depicts the excitement surrounding the Democratic National Convention.  And now after having seen the Republican Nat’l Convention, it makes the DNC one look so much better and more vibrant by comparison.  The RNC meeting reminded me of the 4th of July parade that snakes through my hometown every 4th.  Tons of old people wearing weird star spangled hats and dancing to Cool and the Gang.  Of course, I love my parade, but to an outsider I can imagine it looks pretty weird.  Kind of like the RNC snoozefest.  

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Preemptive Strike

So this one came about as a direct result of Sarah Palin not knowing what the Bush Doctrine was during her recent ABC interview.  True, the Bush Doctrine is multi-faceted, meaning that it’s not only composed of the notion of preemptively striking our enemies, but come on.  She didn’t even have a guess.  She just launched into that scripted crap about how W. has taken the fight to the terrorists or whatever half-brained nonsense she said.  I love Charlie Gibson now.  I used to think he was a tool.  Now I have a man crush on him.

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I’m not sure that rubbing Aunt Jemima on sapne would cure it.  But I’m also not sure it wouldn’t.  It sounds about as good as that Oxy stuff I used to rub on my acne, which was basically orange pancake batter.

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Bird Nest Hairdo / Winner of Caption Contest 4

This is totally what happens to my hair when it gets longer.  It’s home to any number of woodland creatures, including the wombat and meerkat.  In case you give a rat’s tookas.

And the winner of Caption Contest 4 is MacTipper with the following entry: “(Guy in the middle): No, flex your BIceps, not your TOEceps!”  Nice job, MacTipper!  You win bragging rights.  You’re like the caption laureate until the next one is crowned.

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