Swing Voter Schming Schmoter

If I could have the swing voters’ attention for just a moment?  That’s right, sit down.  I’ll wait.  Do you want anything to drink?  There’s a Pepsi in the fridge.  All set?  Ahem.  Don’t be crazy come November, OK?  Let’s go ahead and vote for Barack Obama and stop giving all the level-headed, reasonable people heart attacks.  I’ve got to hand it to you though, swing voters: you really know how to ramp up the tension.  You’ve got me on the edge of my seat over here.  If this were a movie I’d be like, “Man, this movie was SO worth the $10 I paid.”  But you know what?  It’s not a movie.  This is actual real life. 

I seriously don’t get swing voters in this election.  Is the right answer not so clearly obvious?  Seriously, anyone who’s undecided, or anyone who knows an undecided voter, please give me some insight into your (or their) thought process on being on the fence in light of two candidates with such unbelievably stark differences.


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    Matt said,

    The right answer for you is clearly obvious to you. The right answer to others is clearly obvious to others. The people who are undecided are actually trying to determine, based on evidence presented thus far and evidence as yet unrevealed, what the right answer is. A lot can change in a month and a half.

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