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Treasure! Part II




treasure-pic-seven-border1To be continued in the final installment of “Treasure!”, in which I try desperately to figure out how to end this episode in a way that makes sense thematically.


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To be continued…

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Great Moments in History Number 439


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Shark and Awe


Can we please banish “shock and awe” forever from our lexicon?  I heard some pundits today saying that they think President-Elect Obama might keep the pre-emptive strike doctrine on the table during his presidency.  Let me give you a suggestion, Mr. President-Elect: take it off the table and never, ever use it.  It’s dumb and makes us look paranoid.  It’s like beating up the kid on the playground who looks at you funny because you’re paranoid he’s going to poison your cupcake later.  Anyway. 

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The Angry Angler


This drawing encapsulates my complete lack of understanding as to why people fish.  It seems really tedious and sticky and boring to me.  I have no particular reason to come down hard on people who fish; in fact, I used to fish myself as a kid.  But as I’ve gotten older and shed the fishing line, others have not and I just don’t understand it. 

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I Voted

Hi all,

For all three of you who read my blog (maybe less now, since I haven’t updated in like sixteen years), I want to encourage you to get out and vote today (if you’re an American citizen).  I won’t tell you who I voted for, beause I don’t kiss and tell, but I will say this — I just feel lucky to be a part of the experience.  To have a black guy be leading in the polls like this is remarkable.  You don’t have to be black to feel the great catharsis that’s brewing.  So there, you probably figured out who I voted for.  I’ve been sick and not very inspired to draw lately, but maybe this new, fresh breeze that’s come a-blowin’ through will fill my lungs with a sweeter air than we’ve been breathing these last eight years and inspire me to get back to the drawing board.  Thank God our national nightmare ends today. 

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