The Angry Angler


This drawing encapsulates my complete lack of understanding as to why people fish.  It seems really tedious and sticky and boring to me.  I have no particular reason to come down hard on people who fish; in fact, I used to fish myself as a kid.  But as I’ve gotten older and shed the fishing line, others have not and I just don’t understand it. 


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    MacTipper said,

    Because it’s rather relaxing.

    For me at least. Although, I haven’t fished in a year or two because we’ve moved, however, riding my bike on down to the lake and fishing was a very enjoyable and relaxin activity.

    However, I just did catch and release. I never ate any of the fish I caught.

  2. 2

    MacTipper said,

    Oh, BTW, you should probably resize this comment box. It’s too wide for the white section. 🙂

  3. 3

    spinachflame said,

    You know what? I should probably try fishing again just to see what it’s like; after all, I haven’t fished in a long time so I probably shouldn’t bash it. I could just see Flip (the shark) gettting all mad forcing himself to relax by being isolated on a boat, so that sort of prompted the drawing.

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