I’m trying a new thing where I throw in a little dash of political cartooning every once in a while.  Not a lot; just a peppering.  President Obama’s been sporting these past couple of weeks, what with actually listening to the opposition party, but I’m not surprised the Republicans voted down his stimulus package along party lines.  While it’s annoying, it’s actually healthy to know that someone on earth opposes him.  He’s a good dude, and I think he actually cares about the worker (which is a nice change of pace), but we need to come back down to earth and realize he’s human.  So saith Madrugada Jones.


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    1984winstonsmith said,

    Can you say “unlimited Liberal free-spending”?? What this has all been about is power with no checks and balances. If the plan is going to pass, as written (irresponsibly large…remember “mortgaging our childrens’ futures”?), let it by along partisan lines. Then the Dems can take credit, or take to the hills, all on their own!!

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    Ram Venkatararam said,

    Human? I didn’t read that in his campaign literature. And I looked…hard!

  3. 3

    spinachflame said,

    It’s a tough call. I don’t like the pork in the stimulus. But I think we have to get people to work. I’m just worried that people will get their stimulus check, if they end up sending out checks, and put it right into the bank, thus not allowing the money to circulate. Maybe the gov’t should send folks multiple small stimulus checks so that they’ll feel more compelled to spend the $? Again, it’s a tough call.

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