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Those Flowers


“Here’s those flowers you told me to buy you.”


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Nitty Gritty Cleaning Product Band


“They do realize they’re playing household cleaning products, right?”

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I’m trying a new thing where I throw in a little dash of political cartooning every once in a while.  Not a lot; just a peppering.  President Obama’s been sporting these past couple of weeks, what with actually listening to the opposition party, but I’m not surprised the Republicans voted down his stimulus package along party lines.  While it’s annoying, it’s actually healthy to know that someone on earth opposes him.  He’s a good dude, and I think he actually cares about the worker (which is a nice change of pace), but we need to come back down to earth and realize he’s human.  So saith Madrugada Jones.

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Novel Captioning


This is the way things are heading — novels on TV.  But there’ll also have to be explosions and people making out in the background, or else no one’ll give a rat’s keyster.

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This is what it comes down to, it seems to me: either join life and get tripped up by all its complexities, get ready to have your heart broken and your values questioned, or else withdraw into your basement.  After today’s inauguration, I feel like diving in. 

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The concept of this webcomic is that the main character, Brian, lives his life in his own imagination.  Just wanted to clear that up in case the dialogue doesn’t make any sense to you.

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Donut Jump!


I guess if the donut had cream filling, this might not’ve been such a bad idea.

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