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Nitty Gritty Cleaning Product Band


“They do realize they’re playing household cleaning products, right?”


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Fusion Delusion

This one’s not really inspired by anything.  Or I guess I’m starting to get to the point in my life where I like what I like and I’m less interested in all the weird fusions out there, musical and otherwise.

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Leave the Poor Pop Stars Alone

I used to feel the way about Sean Paul that I now feel about Usher.  If they’d only played his songs five or six times ever on the radio and then burned all of his CD’s, I’d think he was a great artist.  But it’s like there’s a conspiracy and all the radio DJ’s want to expose certain artist’s flaws by playing them over and over again.  No musician can stand up against that.  Case in point?  Bob Marley.  No one can ever convince me that “No Woman No Cry” is a great song because I’ve heard it 53,000,000 times, and I’ve heard every teeny flaw in that song and it’s like death hearing it now.  Sure, on paper it’s a great song.  Deep, soulful, pure poetry.  But every time I hear that mellow intro I want to take off running. 

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Caption Contest

Sometimes I get stuck on a picture and can’t think of a caption/bit of dialogue for the characters to say.  I like the New Yorker’s caption contest, so I figured I’d try it once in a while here, when I absolutely can’t come up with anything.  The only thing I can think of is having Wayne, the dude on the right with all the arms, scream something like, “Ow!  I pulled my extensor digitorum longus!” into the various microphones.  Can you come up with a better caption or bit of dialogue for the characters?

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This is the End of Dance Innocence

I was dancing in front of a mirror a few years ago (alone, at home thank the Lord) when I had a stunning realization — I can’t dance anymore.  I qualify the statement with an “anymore” because there was a time, self-deluded or not, during my freshman and sophomore years of college, when I thought I could actually dance.  But I threw down a couple of moves on myself and realized I looked like I was jackhammering a sidewalk.  I saw in myself what I’d seen in countless old men with syncopated hips at millions of weddings over the years, an eager face and an overbite and a body that looked like an unbalanced washing machine.  I think this cartoon is born of my loss of dance innocence. 

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I Need Your Gyro!

My fiance bought me a gyro from an ice cream shop that happens to also make gyros last night, and it was super good.  Sometimes you find good food in the weirdest places.  Just thought I’d share.

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