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I’m trying a new thing where I throw in a little dash of political cartooning every once in a while.  Not a lot; just a peppering.  President Obama’s been sporting these past couple of weeks, what with actually listening to the opposition party, but I’m not surprised the Republicans voted down his stimulus package along party lines.  While it’s annoying, it’s actually healthy to know that someone on earth opposes him.  He’s a good dude, and I think he actually cares about the worker (which is a nice change of pace), but we need to come back down to earth and realize he’s human.  So saith Madrugada Jones.


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The Democratic Ticket

Ok, so I meant to post this drawing a long time ago.  It depicts the excitement surrounding the Democratic National Convention.  And now after having seen the Republican Nat’l Convention, it makes the DNC one look so much better and more vibrant by comparison.  The RNC meeting reminded me of the 4th of July parade that snakes through my hometown every 4th.  Tons of old people wearing weird star spangled hats and dancing to Cool and the Gang.  Of course, I love my parade, but to an outsider I can imagine it looks pretty weird.  Kind of like the RNC snoozefest.  

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Swing Voter Schming Schmoter

If I could have the swing voters’ attention for just a moment?  That’s right, sit down.  I’ll wait.  Do you want anything to drink?  There’s a Pepsi in the fridge.  All set?  Ahem.  Don’t be crazy come November, OK?  Let’s go ahead and vote for Barack Obama and stop giving all the level-headed, reasonable people heart attacks.  I’ve got to hand it to you though, swing voters: you really know how to ramp up the tension.  You’ve got me on the edge of my seat over here.  If this were a movie I’d be like, “Man, this movie was SO worth the $10 I paid.”  But you know what?  It’s not a movie.  This is actual real life. 

I seriously don’t get swing voters in this election.  Is the right answer not so clearly obvious?  Seriously, anyone who’s undecided, or anyone who knows an undecided voter, please give me some insight into your (or their) thought process on being on the fence in light of two candidates with such unbelievably stark differences.

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Fallout Web

Some really depressing/pragmatic economist guy was on Glenn Beck’s horsecrap show tonight saying that we’re heading for a really bad economy.  Like on par with the 1970’s and whatnot.  But the thing was the guy wasn’t like many of Beck’s usual guests who puff up their chests and scream.  He was all resigned and stuff.  Like all prognosticating hell on earth while shrugging his shoulders.

I believe this man.

When bad news is packaged with abject resignation on a t.v. show known for its bombastic guests/host, and it’s a very conservative show at that (I don’t care how hard he tries to come off as middle of the road gee whiz Midwest guy, Beck is a complete narcissist a-hole), when it’s packaged like this, I absolutely believe the economist.  He’s saying that in the not-too-distant future we’ll no longer think of the American Dream as attainable and it will cease to exist.  This is how bad it has gotten.  No one trusts the government.  It has lost the trust of its people.  This is very bad.  Our buying power will diminish significantly in the coming years as Asia rises.  So build those fallout webs, my pretties.

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Four Panels and a Question

It’s a fair question.  How will we welcome our troops home?  I hope they’re treated well because they didn’t ask for all of this.  Will they come home and fade into our subconscious?  In our collective attempt to forget this war will we forget them too?  I’m not some outlandish patriot, I’ve just been wondering about that.  What do you all think? 

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British Re-Invasion

The pound being worth what it is, I think the British could re-invade us easily.  We already love their accent.  What’ll happen is this: China will take over us, then England will take over them and us, much the same way they took over Hong Kong.  Doesn’t sound too far-fetched, does it?

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Conservatives’ Worst Nightmare

Giving hard-working, honest people basic civil rights intstead of denying them feels right to me.  Call me crazy if you will.  

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